Join us for music at 9:30am and celebration services starting at 10am at New City Center (3104 16th Ave S. Minneapolis MN 55407).

Our services are “hybrid,” meaning you can attend in person if vaccinated, not ill, and masked or you can attend virtually.

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The Sunday Morning Meditation Group meets every Sunday from 8 to 9 am in the Meditation Room (ground floor – west.)

The Celebration begins at 10 am.

Celebration begins with a half hour of singing! Bring your own instrument and join the band. We have a grand piano, numerous guitarists, a small brass section, at least one drummer, and various other instruments including cello, banjo, fiddle, flute, autoharp, and harmonica. But we’re open to more. The songbook is eclectic, with Gospel, shape note, folk, and peace songs, but also the Grateful Dead, Dylan, the Beatles, and lesser known songwriters and genres (even including a few from the 21st Century.) A number of songwriters among our members and friends also contribute to our 200+ repertoire of favorites.

Liturgy starts at 10:00 with an invocation, and then possibly a seasonal rite, and then a five minute silent meditation introduced by a reading from the Tao Te Ching, or occasionally another alternative spiritual tradition. In addition, after the meditation and the announcements of the upcoming week’s events, a poem is often read by a congregation member.

Our pastor or a guest speaker offers a 20-minute sermon. Christian or Old Testament scripture readings may precede the sermon. Feedback or discussion may follow the sermon.

We often have special music or other performances at various points in the celebration. The Walker Singers frequently perform in this slot, but we also have soloists, both vocal and instrumental, or interpretive dance, or spoken word performances.

The celebration closes with a circle. Bread and juice are shared, by passing a loaf around (you can break off a piece) and passing a cup (you can sip or dip the bread.) This is God’s table and ALL are welcome. This is also a time for sharing joys and concerns and offering prayers. And then we sing Amazing Grace and say “Shalom,” a Hebrew word for peace.

Social time is celebrated upstairs in the Dining Room with coffee and tea and treats.