Rentals at Walker Church

As we are currently without any paid office personnel, the Walker Community UMC building is only available for low-impact rentals (meetings, trainings, rehearsals, etc). Renters are expected to follow guidelines on returning the spaces they use to the condition they found them.

High-impact rentals (parties, social gatherings, multi-space gatherings) are not possible at this time.

Effective September 2022.

Rental Rates

RoomHourly rate (full price)Off-peak/discount/regular rentersAdd-ons
Conference room$40$25
Meditation room$30$20
Sanctuary$150$25*-100Security: $20/hr. Clean-up: $200-$300.
Dining hall$100$30-75Security: $20/hr. Clean-up: $200

*The lower end of this range is to account for groups like “authentic movement” – very low impact, very off-peak hours, regular renters with a relationship to the church

Any combination of projector/screen, microphones/speakers: $100-150 for staff time + use.

If you are interested in renting a common space, please visit the Building Calendar to book a space for use.